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June 30th - July 28th 2018

Are Lolo y Lauti kidding? Silly is the new stupid in Rainbow High, their upcoming show at Queens.


This exhibition from the performance/video collective from Buenos Aires is their first US show and will present a collection of videos that highlight their take on song and dance appropriation. 


In the video “iSEXY: Collector’s Edition”, a two-channel interpretation of their 2017 performance that became a bonafide meme, they see VR sex politics as sci-fi choreography. 

For their new piece “Dragonfly” (in collaboration with Uruguayan artist Rodrigo Moraes), they examine a Thatcherite pop song in a warehouse winter spectacular. They might be showing a third video shot in LA but they also might not so they’d rather not spoil it.


Lolo y Lauti can’t wait to celebrate the independence of your nation by ranting about context

collapse and Leah Remini.

Lolo y Lauti (b. Buenos Aires, 1980 and 1986) are an artist duo working together since 2011. They make performance, video, and opera. Their work explores the performativity behind appropriation. Outstanding works include the staging of Robert Ashley's Perfect Lives (Teatro Colón, 2016), Carousel (Faena Arts Center, 2014) and Laguna Matata (UV, 2018). They curate Perfuch, Argentina's biggest performance art festival. This is their first time in INSERT NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY

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