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April 28th - May 26th, 2019
Opening: Sunday, April 28th, 5-8 pm

One feeds on berries

One admires with the shoe

Quick, quick, the most beautiful vowel is voiding.

Meret Oppenheim, 1936




On April 28th, Queens presents Loofah, a show of new work by Lucy Bull.




What is dictated by indulgence must be tempered with taste. The process begins as a blind, intuitive exploration 

of sensation and movement. I stamp away with a dry brush of oil paint until the painting is married to its final form. 

Investment in the physicality of the paint allows time for transformation to occur.


The work carries with it a sense of magical realism - landscapes transmogrify into bestial curiosities and dissolve

 back into indiscernible markings.  There’s a wing, a beak, a staircase. A ping pong between worlds, real and 

imagined. I move freely between them.


In addition to the paintings hanging, I have populated the five drawers of the Queens flat file with a variety of 

media. I see it as an archive of my current feelings, ideas and conversations. It is an attempt to offer a more 

holistic view of my practice and an invitation for a slower read.


Some flat file contents of note:

-printed documentation from Queens Way, a virtual show that was released on 

(paintings were velcroed around the RMS Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner in Long Beach, with the help of 

Gillian Steiner)

-a key to my apartment with an attached apple core sculpture by Ryder Bach and keychain by Kayla Ephros

-selected photographs taken by Diane Nguyen, documenting Loren Kramar’s show Perverted Twisted Crippled 

at From the Desk of Lucy Bull*

-a screenplay written by Kyle Brown (this screenplay was written specifically for the context of 

From the Desk of Lucy Bull* and will likely take place this Summer surrounding the Desk)

-grown rock candy containing Ryder Bach’s Troll City EP on SD Card, MS-DOS (FAT) formatting, with bonus photos 

included (you need to suck to get to the SD card)

-an order form designed to advertise the Troll City EP candy

-a poem by Caroline Hebert

-napkin and stationary drawings

-some unstretched paintings that didn’t make the cut

-a revisited ceramic painting from 2014


*From the Desk of Lucy Bull is a 72” x 22” table top exhibition space located in my studio apartment. 






Lucy Bull (b. 1990, New York) lives and works in Los Angeles. Most recently, Bull exhibited a 13 foot oil painting in 

the marquee of Human Resources (Los Angeles) and organized a 24 hour movie marathon in event of its unveiling. 

Other recent exhibitions include AWHRHWAR (Los Angeles), Mother Culture (online) and Andrew Edlin 

Underground (New York). In 2017, Bull published “Plume” with Onestar Press (Paris). Bull has a solo show at 

Smart Objects (Los Angeles) opening May 11th.

Main Gallery:
Flat Files:
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